The Cocky Funny Male

Humor is said to be the central piece of attracting the opposite sex.  Communication altogether is what most people believe their relationships thrive on.  So what is it that makes a man funny, but also attractive?  Clowns are funny, why is it that women everywhere aren’t flocking to more circuses and county fairs.  Maybe clowns are a little extreme for theory.  How about comedians, comedians are funny.  They have to be funny, their jobs depend on it.  Drew Carey, Jim Carey, Will Ferrell, David Spade, okay maybe David Spade’s not that laughable, but still why is it that women everywhere aren’t lining up to scratch on their hotel walls, breaking into their homes, lying stark naked on their new leather Armenian furniture.  Maybe to some extent some women have, but still why is it comedians aren’t seen as sexual idols, for women say humor is detrimental to attraction.  Humor has to be sexy, right?

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, Supernatural.

Confidence.  Unfortunately male sexual objects will always be the washboard abs and broad thick shoulder types.  However, there’s a type of confidence that branches off from humor.  It’s the type of humor that makes a woman go gaga and say things like, “Wow, did he really say that?”  This mixture of humor and confidence is practically known as “Cocky Funny.”

“Cocky Funny” is the use of large bashful amounts of sarcasm, and a whole lot of “know it all” personality.  It’s humor that’s meant to be playfully misdirecting.

Some examples of Cocky Funny characters are:

Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries:  The carnivorous rage peaking vampire played by Ian Somerhalder, is the cliche badboy rebel who underneath his sarcasm, brutal appetite, and hate for the world, has a soft spot for a girl that has broken his heart.

Tony Stark, Iron Man: The millionaire engineer, played by Robert Downey Jr, who built the Iron Man suit, a exoskeleton capable of flying mach speeds, shoots lazers and other projectiles, has a unearthly sense of spoiled narcissism.

Eddie, Someone Like You: Eddie a character played by Hugh Jackman, is seen as your flirtatious, say it as it is, simple answers type of guy who thrives on casual sex and blocking out any type of emotion, who ends up catching his coworker’s heart.

Dean Winchester, Supernatural: The not so serious, serious hunter is not only equipped with wooden stakes, holy water, salt rounds for shotguns, and an exorcism bible, he’s also equipped with one liners and pick up lines.  He has a soft spot for family.

Robert Downey Jr.  Tony Stark, Iron Man 2

How can I use cocky funny in my dating life.

A lot of humor has to do with misdirection, and confusing people.  An example of this is the Family Guy sketch where Peter is intercepted by someone who calls tells him to move his van which is really his son.  Doesn’t exactly make much sense, but it’s still hilarious.

There’s a few ways to be cocky funny with the girl your meeting for a date, and that’s practically by answering questions with an exaggerated response that she probably the opposite of what she was anticipating.

Examples 1:

Female:  So, how many women have you dated?

Male:  Somewhere around twelve hundred.  You meant last month right.

Example 2:

Female:  Oh did you get here early?

Male:  No, I actually exploded on the way over here.

Example 3:

Female:  What did you do earlier today?

Male:  Saved a few burning buildings, read an anthology on European history, cloned a sheep, y’know usual stuff.  You?  Anything exciting?

Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries.

The advantages of Cocky Funny is the ability to turn any serious situation into something funny.  It also gives off this renegade, loner, rebel attitude.  A lot of women go bonkers for rebels.  There have been rebels throughout history, fiction, and the world.  Wolverine, Achilles played by Brad Pitt, James Dean, Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World, Tyler Durden, Lancelot, the lead singer to practically any hair band in the 80’s.  Even Casanova himself was known as a rebel.

There are disadvantages to the Cocky Funny attitude.  People with cocky funny attitudes are usually people that play by their own rules.  And people who play by their own rules end up breaking rules.  A lot of Cocky Funny people don’t have a tight group of friends.  They’re almost never are known for being school spirited, high spirited, or ever dedicate themselves to anything which means commitment.  And the honest truth is that they have a hard time earning people’s respect.  Another honest truth that’s bound to happen to Cocky Funny people, to quote Boy Meets World when Shawn Hunter tries to swoon one of his classmates she replies, “You’re just not relationship material.”

Be warned though, trying to be something you’re not can have consequences.  I would never try to pull these stunts to my wife of ten years who believes I’m a adoring, sweet, religious man, who would never break any rules.  That’s just looking for trouble.

What’s your take on Cocky Funny?

Who’s your favorite Cocky Funny characters, celebrities, historical people?

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