How to find great blogs: the reference books


Mr London Street


I came across Mr London Street a few weeks ago.  His writing already is incredible, but one thing I’ve found very useful was the fact that every week he awards three blogs by writing a small paragraph about them in his blog.  By doing this I’ve found so many incredible blogs, just with Mr London Street alone.

Some great blogs that I’ve found from Mr London Street are:

1.  Living Shallow, Living Well. I read her story about how a homeless man, or vagabond, moved into her piggy, the car she doesn’t use anymore.  She’s a hilarious writer.

2.  Style Sage. An incredible collection on style for both men, which is rare, and women.

3.  Ordinary Art. Her dramatic creative writing of Ordinary Art is compelling yet painted with poetic juicy’ness.

Awards.  Awards are also ways to shout out to to your fellow bloggers.  Awards are given to people and passed along.  Most awards ask people to award another certain amount of people when rewarded.  This method actually creates a long stream of blogs that keeps on growing as more and more people accumulate.

Of course people feel great about being acknowledged, but what do people get from passing along awards?  Traffic.  Viewers.  By creating ways to link back to yourself, you’ll be increasing traffic to your blog along with making people feel appreciated.

Obviously, being that this is a “pass it on” post, I can’t leave without telling you where I found Mr London Street. I found him through The Eternal Warrior who interviewed him, which I also recommend is a great read.

-Jon M.

2 responses to “How to find great blogs: the reference books

  1. I received an award recently and am yet to write a blog about it, but I agree that they’re a nice way to pass traffic along to the blogs that you enjoy.

    Re: my zine… Suburban Legends is one I picked up as a trade. The one I’m distributing is called Be About It! You should have come to the zine fest! There were a lot of great pieces there.

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