Colin Wright. A New Titan.

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Colin Wright isn’t a tailored suit walking his way into the loud clamoring cages of Wall Street.  In fact, Colin Wright doesn’t even own a suit.  He doesn’t own a lot of things.  He doesn’t own a large flat screen television, any video game systems, or any Ikea furniture, which is unlike most people that own their own business.  Practically everything he owns could fit in his backpack.  He’s what a philosopher would call a “minimalist.”  Colin Wright owns 55 items.  And with these 55 items he travels the world as a 25 year old self branded entrepreneur, opportunist, and vagabond.

Colin Wright is your typical 25 year old.  He goes to clubs, wears t-shirts, has a Facebook.  However, he’s a business man. He runs a branding studio, an e-publishing/distribution business and a few other minor ventures.  He manages a blog and also has 3 ebooks out; books about helping people become remarkable and helping others network awesomely. He travels the world working and promoting his brand and his business.  He’s been to gorgeous exotic places like Argentina, Thailand, and New Zealand.  He’s practically doing what every man on the Earth wants to be doing, at the age of 25.

Colin Wright personifies people like Tim Ferris the author of “Four Hour Workweek.”  He’s part of new generation of young men who say no to having to work draining 9 hour days, climbing out of a set schedule by living a sporadic exciting journey, with no managers to take orders from, no biweekly paycheck to wait for, no cubicle walls.  He’s breaking tradition and living the adventure that is he calls life.

Colin Wright by Jonathan Manor



To read Colin Wright’s blog:  Exilelifestyle

Colin Wright uses 20something bloggers.

To vote on where Colin Wright goes next:  Where Should Colin Go Next?


5 responses to “Colin Wright. A New Titan.

  1. I’ve been a fan of Colin’s work for awhile, in fact I envy his lifestyle and hope that one day, I can accomplish the same as him. Of course it takes time and dilligence, but what he’s got is such a far off dream that I often look at his blog and pictures just to remind myself that it is attainable.

    You’re right on this, though. He is a titan.

  2. I’ve heard about this guy before– I think it’s a good idea if you can manage it. For me it would be impossible, the shoes in my closet probably equal his total possessions.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. You brought up a lot of good points, and I’ll consider then when making my decision.

  3. I’ve linked Colin Wright, and highly admire his nomadic and minimalist lifestyle as well as the designs that he promotes as he tours the world. What a chap!

    Being a third culture kid (which is someone who has lived in various countries throughout their life, have friends in various corners of the world, and feels at home virtually everywhere especially in airports.. to name a few of the characteristics) and someone who suffers from a terminal case of wanderlust, Colin’s lifestyle resonates with something I would like to do myself. His minimalism and the principle behind it makes so much sense, although I find myself too bogged down by my possessions. Especially shoes. Oh, and bags. I’m a girl, go figure. But regardless of gender, I think our attachments to material things are elective, we choose it, and I’d like to think this is what Colin’s life demonstrates.

    Great blog, Jonathan. and thanks for visiting mine, too. I enjoyed sifting through your articles over the last couple of days. Regarding the guest post, I hope you don’t mind that I send you an email about it?
    Have a great weekend!

  4. “Putting teddy bears in awkward positions since September 7th” – Absolutely outstanding.

    One up vote for Colin as well.

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