Wrapped around a park bench

“You remember how you asked me if I had any questions I wanted to ask you?”

We were seated on the park bench staring out into the open view of the park.  “Well,” Lenka continued, “Is there anything you wanted to ask me?”

I repositioned myself on the wooden bench.  “Yeah sure,” I replied.  I wrapped my right arm around Lenka as she perched her head on my shoulder.  I could feel the texture of her hair tickling the inside of my ear.  I hesitated, thinking about what I could ask her.  “What do you. . .” I was trying to find the right words.  I could feel Lenka wondering what it was that could be of interest.

“What do you call the meal between lunch and dinner?” I said finally.  I could feel Lenka’s eyes rolling on my shoulder.

“Jon.” she said naggingly.

Linner? Dunch?”

I could feel Lenka’s cheeks smiling, “Uhh Linner! Duh!” she said lifting her head off my shoulder.

“No, maybe it’s sunch, like supper with lunch.  Or dupper!” I continued, “Even though that would be both supper and dinner which wouldn’t make any sense because they’re both the same thing.”  Lenka laughed and I made fun of the way she laughed, which caused more laughter.  Lenka placed her head back on my shoulder as we continued to stare out at what was in front of us.  We quieted down from random unusual talk about hybrid meals and just sat there enjoying what was left of the day before the sunset.

“I think we spend so much time analyzing things that we forget to see what’s in front of us.”

I could feel her smile from the corner of her cheek.

“You’re right,” Lenka said, content with not asking anymore than we already know.  She just casually wrapped herself around me while we waited for the time to pass.


She laughed.

“I like slunch,” she replied smiling.

17 responses to “Wrapped around a park bench

  1. Cute! The guy I’m dating always tries to get me to ask questions and is always asking me questions. It’s a little annoying. I mean, eventually it’ll all come out in to the open. I’d rather it all come out in a genuine manner, through conversation not through a Q & A session.

    • I’ve been in those types of relationships. It’s also true with meeting friends. After a few months, 2 or 3 at max, you’ll find yourself both sitting in the car until one person says, “What is there to talk about?”

      True story

  2. how did you come up with the name Lenka? It’s a typical Slav name from my home-country.

    • I honestly have no idea. This is my real life, so it’s not fictional or anything. Lenka was just the first name I came up with. When choosing a name I don’t try to choose a common name, but more of a rare name that I’ve heard was used already as someone’s name. Names are the biggest writing obstacle of all time! It’s best to go with the first one that pops into your head.

  3. I went on a first date once where the guy kept asking me to tell him “my life story” or tell me more about myself. I just wanted it to come organically and naturally – because it wasn’t like we were running out of things to talk about.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Also sometimes dinner can mean lunch….

  4. i like Slunch…I could use this as my new word for slothy b’s that get on my nerves….Flucking Slunch!

    I never sat on a lovely little bench with a man! I don’t think anyways…nope! I’m a loser!:)

    • Yeah I love arbitrary words that can have any types of meanings.

      “You slunching slunch me again, I’ll sluching beat to slunch!”

      Or for a less angry more seductive use.

      “Yeah she totally slunching me in the parking lot.”

  5. Since breakfast and lunch combined is “lunch,” I believe lunch and dinner should be “linner” for variation. Lunch doesn’t deserve to be a part of both. It’s not like it’s THE greatest meal ever. That would be dinner, because dessert typically follows. Anything after that is Fourth Meal, according to Taco Bell.

  6. A. I didn’t know this was your blog. B you write like a dream. A dream blog.
    Mmmmmm, slunch.

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