How Nickelodeon Taught Me to Become a Better Son

When I was younger, I watched a cartoon on Nickelodeon about this father who always makes crappy homemade inventions for his family.  One day his son wants to make a go cart for a race.  His dad steps in and makes him an awful looking go cart.  His son refuses to use the go cart for the actual race because it’s ugly, slow, and doesn’t drive well.  The day of the race, his mom talks to him and tells him, “Do you know why I use all the things your dad invents for me?  Because it makes him happy.”  The boy ends up pushing his dad’s dinky creation up to the starting line.  His dad jumps into the go cart, and right when the race starts, the go cart falls apart.  They laugh.

I guess it really makes you think.  What’s more important?  A go cart race or seeing your father happy.

This was from afternoon cartoons.

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10 responses to “How Nickelodeon Taught Me to Become a Better Son

  1. What show was this from? The old school Nickelodeon was the best. Now it’s nothing but snarky tweens who have perfected the use of sarcasm too early, in my opinion.

    • I don’t remember. It had that nickelodeon classic animation. But I remember Simpsons did the same thing when Bart had to use Martin’s rocket car to race Nelson and Homer just took that “How to be a better dad” conference.

      Classic Simpsons. mmm cartoons mmm.

  2. Very true, seeing my parents happy is something I forget about it quite easily, sad to confess.

    • yeah. Just a disclaimer though. When your parents ask you to be a doctor and go to school for 10 years to learn something you hate, there’s a certain line not to cross over.

  3. i learned lots of good things from cartoons too, i love it when that happens:)))

    • yeah, to think I spent so much time watching violent ninja cartoons when I could’ve been learning life lessons through animation.

      Hey Farouk, I checked out your site and I couldn’t figure out where to leave a comment. Help me out here! I’m lost 😦

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