That Girl at the Party (Part 2)

Continued from, That Girl at the Party (Part 1)

After the party pretty much thinned out to close friends, we started baking the pizzas that Gavin bought.  It pretty much narrowed down to about 8 or so people.  Bodin was about to fall asleep.  Dina, the puker, left.  Several taxis passed by to pick up different groups of girls.  It was settling down to become the chill night it was meant to be, instead of the over dramatic alcoholic festival cramped into the upstairs of a house.

“Did you just jizz cheese on your pants?” someone said as they noticed that I was rubbing the front of my jeans with a paper towel.  I dropped my pizza on top of my crouch.

“Yeah, I have this premature ejaculation problem.  I should really get it checked,” I said smiling as I wiped myself down in front of everyone.  Everyone stared.  It wasn’t awkward for me as nothing usually is.  I turned around with my back towards everyone and turned my head to stare back at them as I continued to rub the pizza off my crouch.  It looked like I was doing stuff.  Everyone laughed.

Amongst all the people standing around the kitchen oven, there was a tiny girl named Lindsey who stood quietly with her arms crossed.  “Are you hungry?”  I asked her.

“No, I’m fine,” she said with her tiny mouse-like voice.

“Are you sure?” I asked her again, “It’s like a pizza explosion in your mouth!”

She laughed.  “No, I’m fine,” she said again.

“Okay, just making sure,” I said before I took another paper towel and turned away from her and rubbed my pants down again while I stared at everyone.  They laughed.  It was just a funny bit.

“She’s vegetarian,” her boyfriend said.

“Oh there’s a slice without pepperoni on it, right there,” I said pointing to it.

“No I’m really not that hungry,” she replied again.

I looked at her.  She was a tiny girl.  There was something about the way she crossed her arms and wrapped them around her body.  She seriously did look hungry or at least cold.

I ended up playing bass guitar on a dinky looking 6 string guitar along with Gavin and Drake.  They both have bands, and I don’t.  I’m a loser when it comes to music.  The day before, we went to this show Gavin’s band was hosting.  The line up was incredible! There was this one band in particular, that just blew people away.  They had these bright fluorescent lights that would turn on at the peak of a crescendo.  They had this adorable female pianist who set her keyboard away from the audience so they couldn’t see her face, but could only see the sweat glistening across her shoulder blades from the open parts of her tank top.  And there was this one point in their last song where the bassist put down his bass guitar and started playing on the drumset along with the drummer.  It was all really beautiful.  Everyone who saw it must’ve been dreaming in awe.  Gavin and I definitely were; we couldn’t stop talking about it after the show.

After playing guitar, Bodin needed to fall asleep so we needed to clear everything out of his room.  I took the oreos I bought and I placed them on a shelf in the dining room.  Gavin and our friend, Carlito, started placing whatever cans left from our 36 pack in the refrigerator to keep them cold.  Most of us ended up sitting in the living room talking about stupid crap.  I honestly don’t remember because I was falling asleep.

“Look at this bitch right here, the sleepster!” Carlito said.  Everyone laughed.  Carlito always picked on me.  It was funny stuff, nothing personal.   “Sleeping all day everyday!” he continued while everyone laughed.  Long story short, we all went to Vegas for a week and for some reason I was sleeping really early and waking up really early which was pretty much not what everyone else was doing in Vegas.

I walked back into the dining room after hanging out with everyone in the living room.  The only people there were Lindsey and her boyfriend Timmy.  They were eating my fuck’n oreos!

“So how do you like them oreos?”  I asked sitting down across from Lindsey.
“Are they yours?” Lindsey asked.  She looked cautiously nervous.
“Do you know that oreos are vegan?” I said swerving around her question.
“Yeah, I love oreos!” she said.  “So they’re yours then?”
“Yeah, it’s not a big deal, go ahead.  I thought you weren’t hungry?”
“Oh I’m not.”
“You seem like you really like those oreos,” I smiled.  She laughed, her mouth full of oreo cookie.  She was holding two oreos in her hand, one that was bitten in half in one hand, and one side of an oreo with the cream still hanging from it in her other hand.
“You know I strategically put those oreos casually up on that shelf because I knew you were a vegan and so I sneakily put them up in a position so that you’d see them?”  I said talking out of my ass.  She laughed.
“So you put them there just for me?”
“No, I actually just put them there on accident,” I said honestly.

When Timmy came back I started talking about his drumset that was in Drake’s room.  He had just moved up here and didn’t have a place to stay.  His drumset was pretty epic, with several toms and a lot of extra cymbals with a champagne colored finish.  It pretty much filled up half the space of Drake’s room.  When he moved down here he met Lindsey somewhat three weeks ago.  After maybe the second day, they pretty much just hit it off.  Just like that.  Boyfriend and girlfriend.  Titles, notifications, and everything.  They seemed really cute together.  Like one of those couples that look somewhat similar in appearance.

The night was falling quickly.  It was 4am when we started baking the pizza.  Now it was already 6am.  Carlito fell asleep in the corner of the living room and was snoring pretty loudly.  I decided to sit on a round cushioned shape chair.  Gavin sat next to me, his eyes drifting slowly into steady prolonged blinking.

“Hey,” Lindsey said as she appeared in front of the doorway of the living room, “Are you guys all sleeping here?”
“Why are you crashing here too?” Gavin asked her.
“Yeah, usually we sleep in the living room, but it’s okay don’t worry about it,” Lindsey replied.
“No it’s okay, we’re about to bounce anyways.  I just need a few minutes to rest my eyes because I can’t drive right now,” Gavin responded; translation: he was perked.  He got up from his chair and walked out of the room.  I could see him place a pillow on the floor and lay down in the hallway.

Lindsey walked over to where Gavin was first sitting; curiously taking the seat next to mine.  “So where are you from?” she asked me.

“I’m from San Bruno, you?”

“Oh I’m 6 hours north of here.”

“Humbolt?” I said guessing.

“No, a little west of Humbolt.”

“It must be a sucky place if you’re not even going to specify the name of it,” I said.

She laughed.  She told me where it was and that it only had about 700 people population.  She then asked me what I do, and I told her the last job I had was a website content writer.  She asked me if I was going to school, and I told her no, because there seems to be a pattern with most college students nowadays where they go to school and can’t afford to pay off their tuition because they can’t find a job.  She then asked me a whole series of interview questions that I wasn’t too crazy about.  On some level I felt like she just enjoyed my company a little too much.  I wasn’t attracted to her, plus the fact that I had a girlfriend stacked on top of that just made for very unsatisfying riveting answers.  I figured that she was either into talking to me much, or that everyone she has ever met in her seven hundred populated life must’ve sucked some major donkey ass.  I must’ve just happened to be that much more excitingly humble.

Her boyfriend walked back in.  I didn’t care about my seat as much as I didn’t care for Lindsey’s list of questions.  I got up and left them alone.  As I passed Gavin in the hallway he told me to wake him up in 30 minutes or whenever the sun comes up so we could leave.

I sat alone in the dining room with my empty box of oreos.  30 minutes passed and the sun didn’t come up.  I saw a small bright red sweater on one of the dining room chair.  It was probably Lindsey’s because Lindsey was tiny and the sweater looked like it could’ve been worn by a prepubescent ten year old girl.  I walked over to Gavin who laid on the hallway carpet.  He slept on his side facing the wall.   I laid down next to him, rolled the sweater up in a ball and placed it under my head and fell asleep.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

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4 responses to “That Girl at the Party (Part 2)

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  2. Hi! Found your blog through 20sb. It’s absolutely beautifully written, so well done on that! Definitely adding it to my RSS reader! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that in the strictest sense, Oreos aren’t actually vegan. While there’s no actual animal product in the ingredients, they use sugar which may or may not (no one’s been able to ACTUALLY verify this) have been filtered through animal-derived charcoal -also known as “bone char”- which makes it not vegan since it could pick up some of said bone in the process. Just wanted to let you know 🙂 One of my good friends is a strict vegan and was DEVASTATED when she found this out, since Oreos were her favorite cookies even before becoming vegan.

  3. “It wasn’t awkward for me as nothing usually is.”

    Gold. Eternal serenity.

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