16 Reasons to Love and Hate Alpha and Beta Men

There’s a lot of great reasons to love assholes and losers, and in retrospect there are also a lot of sufficient reasons to hate both of them.  This post defines both the good and bad qualities of both types.  As I said in the earlier post, The Cure for Assholes and Losers, it’s not about becoming one or the other, it’s about finding a balance.  Assholes do have a negative connotation to them, and losers do have a more common delightful tone to their being.  However, there is more to consider when analyzing both of them.  There are a lot of things that can either make them really negative jerks and tools, and there are a lot of ways where they can be either seen as having great qualities for being an Alpha or Beta male.


Disappointing Qualities

Main Disappointing Quality: Most losers lack a sense of passion and direction because they feel the need to please everyone else before themselves.

Other Disappointing Qualities:

  • Relationships: They almost always end up being “just friends.”
  • Career: They’ll almost never follow what their passion is, or know what it is to begin with.  They’ll usually end up choosing a career that fits other people in their life such as their wife, children, and on some likely occasions their mom.
  • Social Status/ Community: Losers tend to follow what everyone else says and does.  Since they do this, they’re usually easily influenced when it comes to doing stupid things.



Main Advantages: They help others before they help themselves.

Other Advantages/ Great Beta Qualities:

  • Relationships: Losers make for great marriage material and are usually desensitized to infidelity especially compared to assholes.  They turn out to be more long term relationship material.
  • Career: Tools, or losers, usually end up getting promoted often due to their ability to focus on helping others.
  • Social Status/ Community: Losers tend to keep everyone together.  They do this by listening to other people’s problems and helping others through harder times.


Disappointing Qualities

Main Disappointing Quality: They tend to push other people away.  They usually only care about themselves and don’t consider other people’s feelings.

Other Disappointing qualities:

  • Relationships: They usually don’t make for great spouses.  They end up with a high infidelity rate.  They do jump from relationship to relationship, but more often, they jump from bed to bed sleeping with a different woman every chance they get.
  • Career: Since most assholes tend to follow their passions and nothing else, they usually find themselves unemployed.  If they are holding a job, it’s usually a job they hate and would never get a promotion for.
  • Social Status/ Community: They tend to burn bridges, hurt other people’s feelings, and tear up social circles.



Main Advantage: Assholes are very passionate.  They go after the things that they want no matter what anyone else says.

Other Advantages/ Great Alpha Qualities:

  • Relationships: We’re a lot better in bed.  Assholes have unique ideas and are more inclined to get others to try new things.  If a woman could tie down an alpha male then both parties can feel more challenged and feel more rewarding.  It also makes for a more fulfilling, less dull, eventful relationship.
  • Career: If they find something they’re passionate about, they’ll live very fulfilled lives.  Most of them have the power to persuade most people with their charm, ease, and the passionate appeal of their voice.  They make great salesmen.
  • Social Status/ Community: They’re usually funny.  Since they take chances there is a larger likelihood that they come up with unique exciting things to do instead of staying in the normal routine of things.


Someone who just contains the disappointing attributes of an asshole, is just an asshole.  However, there are a lot of advantages, and great alpha qualities, that aren’t as much learned as it does somehow just naturally comes together from being an asshole.  Obtaining those positive attributes over the negative ones, make for a more Alpha male perspective on life.  Same with losers and tools.  If a male just contains the negative, disappointing, qualities of a loser, they’re just losers.  They’re just people nobody really cares about, or isn’t excited to meet.  However, if they encompass some of these positive qualities they will bare some great beta qualities, making them more eligible spouses, friends, and colleagues.  Even though the phrase beta has a negative connotation to it, and is still a lower form of male than the alpha male, there are still some great qualities that come along with being a beta male.

In future posts we will come to revisit these two ideas behind personalities.  I’ll also be focusing on one single type of personality at a time to provide a more in depth analysis.  I’ll be going over some fictional characters, and some nonfictional historical figures to dissect and derive information from.  Anticipate these posts, they should be coming soon.

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  1. I’m REALLY enjoying your blog 🙂

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