9 Reasons Why You Should Meet The Girl Next To You

I still remember my girlfriend’s face when I told her she was adorable and I just had to come talk to her. Her face froze in a tone broken in between a lost for words and hope that words would exude. I remember how her head cocked out from her shoulders and how her breath was left vacant. She liked me. We meet people everyday, but we never meet them. The continuous stream of applicable opportunity to learn someone’s name or find out more about their story usually goes untouched, like books lost in libraries, unread and unopened. How is that possible? Everyone likes talking about themselves. Mostly everyone likes the faint touch of being interested in. Why? Why is it so hard? We meet people everyday, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t get to know them, especially if she could be the girl of your dreams, much like Lenka’s was and still is for me.

Below is a list of 9 Reasons Why You Should Meet The Girl Next to You.

1. All girls like being talked to.

Remember in 40 year old virgin where Seth Rogen tells Steve Carrell to constantly ask the girl questions because women don’t want to talk about anything else but themselves. It’s funny because it’s almost always true. Actually it’s true for everyone. Everyone wants to believe that they have the most unbelievable dreams and aspirations. Everyone wants to think they have the cutest baby. Everyone wants to feel acclaimed and worshiped for their unrivaled thoughts and problem solving abilities. There’s an inspiring feeling people get when they get to share their lives with other people.

2. All girls want to feel sexy.

When I was still in middle school I remember Michelle Branch posing for Maxim magazine practically naked. Michelle Branch! The female guitarist who sang “All You Wanted.” At that time I felt there was something wrong with society, and it wasn’t just puberty. At that time, Christina Auguillera had the hit single “I am Beautiful” and, at the same time, had one of the sluttiest music videos of all time. I was debating the idea of beautiful. I remember what my brother said that evening when I pointed out the cover of Maxim with Michelle Branch on it. He told me, “Every woman wants to be wanted by every guy.” He said that they don’t necessarily want to date every man in the world, but they just want every guy to look twice when she walks by.

3. All girls want to feel beautiful.

There’s a difference between sexy and beautiful, not that a simple compliment can’t appease both of them. Unfortunately, every girl does want to feel adorned with their clothes on. They want to take pictures in Sunday dresses, twirling in flowered meadows, while the sunlight scatters across a silhouette of trees. They want to feel that their laughter is not only adored, but melodic, like a siren or some pre Civil War church choir. Every girl wants to know that they could hold someone’s attention for so long that they could find themselves falling apart in each others eyes. Most girls will never choose logic over romance.

4. Every girl wants to feel challenged.

Girls aren’t picking out men from a catalog, well, unless they’re giving credit to online dating websites, they are. However, unless they’re absolute nuts, women don’t want to have to meet a guy online over meeting them out in the open where fairy tales and most romantic movies find their beginnings. Some women can have any pick of men off the street, but that would just be cheap and senseless. Women want to feel like keeping someone is worth holding on to. They can’t just pull a guy off the street, because there’s no worth in that.

5. Every girl wants a hug.

Yep they do.  Women like a genuine sense of belonging where they could feel secure and comfortable. Everyone wants to feel wanted. Human touch is yummy.

6. Women don’t want the right guy.

Really? Seriously? WHO IS THAT GUY??? Robert Pattinson isn’t the right guy. Back in the 90’s it wasn’t Brad Pitt. A woman worth falling in love with doesn’t have a checkoff list hanging behind her pillow in hopes that the right guy will just pass her by on the street and be nothing but perfection yielding in agreement. They want a guy they could build something with. Someone who they could find more about themselves through. Love will always be about falling in love with what makes them different and imperfect.

7. Every girl wants to get naked. . . with the right guy.

Yep. Sex is good. It’s great. It’s fucking orgasmic. The only people that hate sex are virgins and people who are doing it with the wrong people. It’s unfortunate that there’s a broad saturation of creepy, horney, self centered men, and women, more often than not, feel like these are the only men out there. (Btw, I’m perfect.) If a girl’s reading this, don’t have sex with a creepy guy just to see where it goes, it’ll be a terrible experience.

8. Every girl doesn’t want to end up alone.

Even the biggest emo rebels who announce how much they are stricken to a loner lifestyle, those people still don’t want to be alone. They want to have coffee with some guy, to tell them the different aspects of the world that annoy and aggravate them, all subliminally trying to fight off the fact that they’re having coffee with a man and, in more or less endearing terms, like it.

Most women have been dreaming of the day they would marry, not the guy of their dreams, but the guy they can’t let go of.

9. Every girl likes the gesture.

Married, old, well not prepubescent because that’s just weird, but other than that, every girl likes to know the random guy walking on the street found her aesthetically pleasing. Making a woman smile is an incredible feeling.

A little disclaimer before I close this post.

Note: No girl wants to be creeped out.

Being able to not creep out a girl has a lot to do with finding a balance between being too aggressive and too shy. There’s a bunch of complex ways a man can open up a conversation with a women, you shouldn’t buy her a drink until she’s talking to you or else she’ll just use you for alcohol, you might want to compliment her nose, or you might just want to tell a girl you’ve genuinely been staring at for the past hour that she’s absolutely adorable. Who knows, maybe she’ll kiss you, and maybe you’ll find yourself falling love with her.


36 responses to “9 Reasons Why You Should Meet The Girl Next To You

  1. I couldn’t agree with this post more.
    The gesture has to be a kind one though. I live in a district now with lots of prostitutes so a smile can be nice but if a dude comes up to me and wants to walk and talk I’m scared.
    Online dating can be fun but I would rather yeah, meet someone, somewhere… preferably not in a club.

    You sort of seem like the hug master to me. I think you should make a video so that I may better familurize myself with your work…

  2. Hug master? That’s a new one. What type of video are you pondering about? I play the guitar and make some really tasty boiled eggs. And I talk really fast to the point where everyone gets lost.

    To clarify, are you saying that a guy shouldn’t talk to you, but simply smile and leave? That’s like picking up a book, shuffling to a random page, and then putting it back. It would make a lot more sense if that person read that book until he finished it or decided to put it down after he’d realize that he didn’t like it.

    I’ve been throwing around ideas about online dating and the way love has become easily accessible to most people. Anticipate something like that.

  3. I like when guys talk to me….sometimes.
    First of all the guys around me are talking in French, and also being overly agressive.
    Say something witty. Don’t throw you arm around me and speak in rapid idioms. Can ya dig it?

    • I like to delicate slide my arm across the shoulders of a sharp tongued short haired beauty, and tell her very inappropriate things. But I see, how I wouldn’t be taken in all that well. *sniffle

      No but seriously, from what I’ve observed through my friends, and their friends, and the countless amount of guys who throw themselves at women, they have no idea what the words “balance” or “suttle” mean. And it’s moronic!

  4. If this is what all girls want, then I must not be one.

    I hate being approached. It’s so uncomfortable, like I’m being put on the spot. Being touched, especially without being asked first, is horrifying. Marriage? No thanks.

    Not all girls want the same things, and sometimes even a well-intentioned move can end up being a mistake.

    • I think from your experience of being approached, it must’ve been uncomfortable. But you can’t hate compliments, unless you do. That’d be weird..

      • That all depends – is the compliment genuine, or does the person have a clear agenda?

        I’m generally uncomfortable with the idea that someone is entitled to my time and attention simply because I have the audacity to be female in public.

      • Did it ever occur to you, that you might just be finding reasons to avoid men so you only think of the most negative outcome possible? Could it be possible, that you’re just scared to move forward?

  5. broad strokes! but generally spot on 🙂

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  7. does this work with a boy next to you too?

  8. I don’t so much know about 1 and 5 but if you stick with never being creepy you’ll never go wrong.

    I love meeting people, but sometimes I get uncomfortable. This could just ne my slight tenancy toward social anxiety… however, if I’m alone and look like I want to be talked to, I would totally love to have someone connect with me. I always tried to talk to the kids around my in my classes even though I’d probably never see them after the semester was over because life is so much more bearable if you don’t have to go it alone.

  9. With number 5, I don’t mean a hug right off the bat. But with number 1, I find that hard to believe that you don’t like talking about yourself to bloggers, aren’t you a blogger?

    I love meeting people too, however having a girlfriend has put a damper on my social life, leaving it awkward to approach women at parties, and not only that, my charm and my confidence has hit a starling weak point. It’s like I’m nervous to talk to anyone outside the realm of my girlfriend. Having no one to talk to is like torture and self destruction

  10. This is pretty true, even for old women like me (30). Women worth keeping don’t want Mr. Perfect. They want Mr. Perfect for Them.

    • Yeah, yet that sounds very romantic comedy movie line’ish. I don’t know if we’ll ever find the person we’re perfect for, but I think there are only so many people we get to meet in life, that only so many of those people could we find an actual profound connection with. That’s why I say, it’s the person you can’t pull yourself away from. Because there’s only so many people we meet who are like that, and to actually separate yourself I assume will be pretty shattering.

  11. Oddly enough, no, I don’t consider myself “too scared” to move forward. Not everyone likes or wants the same things; this kind of blanket advice isn’t universally useful.

    • That was actually a line from Good Will Hunting. It’s a good movie, I recommend it.

      • Saw it, wasn’t crazy about it. Except for Elliott Smith’s contributions; that man was brilliant.

      • Yeah I can’t complain about Elliot Smith. He’s brought us great bands like Death Cab for Cutie. I don’t know, I really liked Good Will Hunting, probably because I’m genius prodigy who’s been hindered his whole life. Being kind of sarcastic, but kind of not.

  12. Women also hate being figured out. (I know I do.)
    Found your blog via 20sb. Interesting post. I don’t know about 6 and 9 but the first few pointers definitely hold some truth.
    But women only want to talk about themselves? Seriously? That’s annoying o_O I love listening to other people’s rants too. Isn’t that why we follow blogs too? To hear what others have to say and read about their lives?

  13. There is a surprise for you over at my blog go see what it is !

  14. oh cool! I love surprises

  15. I like this:-)

    The truth of it lies in the fact that our own insecurities about approaching other people – romantically or platonically – are based in the forgetting of our shared humanity. Sure, people are different – but we all like nice stuff to happen to us – and generally to others, too.

    Or, as I like to say: women are people too. Kinda obvious, and shouldn’t be controversial, but too many people miss it.

    • Exactly my point Kristin. My post makes a broad generalization of women, however, I feel that men need a motivated push just by saying, women like nice things to be said, say it.

  16. It’s true, no girl wants to be creeped out. However, I have to say, hugs creep me out. I hate hugs. Too close for comfort!

  17. I love that you introduced yourself to your current gf by telling her she was adorable! I have to say though, I tend to put my defenses up if a guy is too aggressive off the bat. If he’s not cute/too forward I get creeped out & if he’s cute I assume he has an ulterior motive. But I do find most of your points to be spot on.

  18. Didn’t Stephen Stills say the same thing about forty years ago?

  19. @Jonathan
    Great post, and you are doing such an awesome job with your blog. Well done!

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