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Violent Super Powers and Zombie Horses: An Interview with Gillian Ramos

Interview: Gillian Ramos
Website: The Portrait of a Would-Be Artist as a Young Woman

The Titan Project: First off I wanted to ask you what your blog is about?

Gillian.Ramos: It’s a combination of a few things. First, it’s a slice-of-life piece about graduating from college and not having a whole lot of security or options. Second, but probably more importantly, it’s a way for me to exercise my skills as a critical reader and writer.  So, there are things like book reviews and journal reviews, plus things I’ve learned along the way about becoming a professional writer.

The Titan Project: Cool.  Yeah, from what I’ve seen of your site you put much emphasis on books.  If you could play a character in a book who would he or she be?

Gillian.Ramos: That’s a really tough question. I read from so many different styles and time periods, so there are always fascinating characters I’d love to be, even for a day.  But if I really had to choose, it would be Anne Shirley, from Anne of Green Gables. She was one of the first characters I came across who wanted to be a writer (other than Jo March from Little Women, but who needs all those sisters?)

The Titan Project: Well then, if Charles Dickens and Jane Austen were in a fight, who do you think would win?

Gillian.Ramos: Jane Austen, hands down. Did you ever see the Jane Austen Fight Club video?

The Titan Project: No i haven’t, does it feature Kierra Knightley because she has really purdy features.

Gillian.Ramos: It does not, I believe it was put together by a comedy troupe:

The Titan Project: Sweet, I’ll have to check that out along with our audience.  I’m with you on the whole Jane Austen beating up Charles Dickens though.  I feel Charles bases his writing on emasculated men and Jane bases her novels on empowering women.

Gillian.Ramos: Plus, it must take an awful lot of energy to write such mopey characters. Dickens would be sapped before he even started.

The Titan Project: sapped? like a tree?

Gillian.Ramos: Exhausted.

The Titan Project: Oh, exhausted like a tree.  Moving on. . .

If you could save one book from zombie horses, what book would that be?

Gillian.Ramos: Just one? I guess it would have to be a book my grandfather gave me called A Child’s Guide to Freud. I don’t think it’s in print anymore, but it’s about the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

The Titan Project: Funnier than zombie horses, i think not, there are some very comedic horses out there

Gillian.Ramos: See, I had to proofread a story once that had zombie mooses (meese?) and zombie bears. Horses are nothing in comparison.

The Titan Project: Zombie bears sounds overrated; way to make a violent creature more violent. . .   and less huggable

Gillian.Ramos: It was truly the worst piece of student writing – nay, any writing I’d ever read.

The Titan Project: Must’ve been horrifying.  Going back to horses.  Even if zombie horses ate all the books in the world, and this one book, A Child’s Guide to Freud, would be the book to guide a new humanity, would that be fine with you?

Gillian.Ramos: Okay, maybe it’s not the pinnacle of human literary achievement, but it has a lot of sentimental value.  If we’re going for something to guide and save the new humanity, I would force-feed the horses the works of Ayn Rand to make sure they don’t survive. And then I guess I would rescue The Prince.  Machiavelli. It’s cliche, I know, but if humanity has to be rebuilt, you could do worse in terms of a primer on leadership.

The Titan Project: . . . not a big fan of FightClub huh?

Gillian.Ramos: Haven’t read it. Or any Palahniuk, for that matter.

The Titan Project: *gasp

Gillian.Ramos: I know, I know, totally un-cool.

The Titan Project: Very.  If you had an incredibly violent super power, what would it be?

Gillian.Ramos: It has to be violent?

The Titan Project: of course 🙂

Gillian.Ramos: I’m not one for blood and guts, but I do like some serious mischief. Would Inception count as a superpower? You can do some serious damage messing with people’s minds.

The Titan Project: You would mess with people’s minds?

Gillian.Ramos: If I were feeling especially mean-spirited, I could cause some serious trouble. Imagine Inception meets Mean Girls.

The Titan Project: Sweet.  You know if that was your power, your arch nemesis or primary villain would have the power to throw books at you?

Gillian.Ramos: I’ll take my chances.

The Titan Project: Cute.  The love of your life is sitting on a park bench reading a book, what book is it?

Gillian.Ramos: I’m a sucker for a boy who reads, period. It’s a win/win situation – it may be a book I know and love or it may be one I’ve never come across. Either way, it’s a conversation starter.  But if he’s reading Harry Potter or Twilight, all bets are off.

The Titan Project: Well let’s say for viewer purposes, that he’s holding a specific book. . . any idea what that book would be?
1, 2, 3, go!

Gillian.Ramos: Any Christopher Buckley novel. Especially Florence of Arabia, one of the few books that has actually gotten me really emotional – and that’s saying something, since Buckley is a satirist.

The Titan Project: Cool.  So if any guys out there read this and are madly in love with you and your blog, they know what to read.

That’s all for the interview, is there anything you’d like to say or share with The Titan Project before we finish?

Gillian.Ramos: Yes. Whatever your taste in literature is, make time to read writing about something else, something in the real world. A good piece of travel writing or food writing can be as satisfying and engaging as a good novel. So, whatever your outside interests are, read about them. and if there isn’t a lot of material available, write it yourself. If it’s a subject you love and are knowledgeable about, you can speak from an authoritative place. Just take the time to speak from your heart and not just your brain.

The Titan Project: Great.  Nice having you over at The Titan Project

Gillian.Ramos: Thanks for being interested.

Subject: Gillian Ramos
Blog: The Portrait of a Would-Be Artist as a Young Woman

Turn ons: Handwritten letters and overcrowded book stores that are overcrowded with books, not people.
Turn offs: Reality tv and the font Comic Sans.


Colin Wright. A New Titan.

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Colin Wright isn’t a tailored suit walking his way into the loud clamoring cages of Wall Street.  In fact, Colin Wright doesn’t even own a suit.  He doesn’t own a lot of things.  He doesn’t own a large flat screen television, any video game systems, or any Ikea furniture, which is unlike most people that own their own business.  Practically everything he owns could fit in his backpack.  He’s what a philosopher would call a “minimalist.”  Colin Wright owns 55 items.  And with these 55 items he travels the world as a 25 year old self branded entrepreneur, opportunist, and vagabond.

Colin Wright is your typical 25 year old.  He goes to clubs, wears t-shirts, has a Facebook.  However, he’s a business man. He runs a branding studio, an e-publishing/distribution business and a few other minor ventures.  He manages a blog and also has 3 ebooks out; books about helping people become remarkable and helping others network awesomely. He travels the world working and promoting his brand and his business.  He’s been to gorgeous exotic places like Argentina, Thailand, and New Zealand.  He’s practically doing what every man on the Earth wants to be doing, at the age of 25.

Colin Wright personifies people like Tim Ferris the author of “Four Hour Workweek.”  He’s part of new generation of young men who say no to having to work draining 9 hour days, climbing out of a set schedule by living a sporadic exciting journey, with no managers to take orders from, no biweekly paycheck to wait for, no cubicle walls.  He’s breaking tradition and living the adventure that is he calls life.

Colin Wright by Jonathan Manor



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How to find great blogs: the reference books


Mr London Street


I came across Mr London Street a few weeks ago.  His writing already is incredible, but one thing I’ve found very useful was the fact that every week he awards three blogs by writing a small paragraph about them in his blog.  By doing this I’ve found so many incredible blogs, just with Mr London Street alone.

Some great blogs that I’ve found from Mr London Street are:

1.  Living Shallow, Living Well. I read her story about how a homeless man, or vagabond, moved into her piggy, the car she doesn’t use anymore.  She’s a hilarious writer.

2.  Style Sage. An incredible collection on style for both men, which is rare, and women.

3.  Ordinary Art. Her dramatic creative writing of Ordinary Art is compelling yet painted with poetic juicy’ness.

Awards.  Awards are also ways to shout out to to your fellow bloggers.  Awards are given to people and passed along.  Most awards ask people to award another certain amount of people when rewarded.  This method actually creates a long stream of blogs that keeps on growing as more and more people accumulate.

Of course people feel great about being acknowledged, but what do people get from passing along awards?  Traffic.  Viewers.  By creating ways to link back to yourself, you’ll be increasing traffic to your blog along with making people feel appreciated.

Obviously, being that this is a “pass it on” post, I can’t leave without telling you where I found Mr London Street. I found him through The Eternal Warrior who interviewed him, which I also recommend is a great read.

-Jon M.