Share Life Lessons

This is a place where people could share something they want to say with the Titan society.  Feel free to post your words of wisdom, things you’ve learned from life, things you’ve experienced, and anything you or anyone has ever said or done that you feel has changed your life.

Feel free to link back to yourself and mention your blog so that people could find out more about you.  Share what you’ve written with others by tweeting this page.


5 responses to “Share Life Lessons

  1. “No matter what, you stay with your wife, you were the one that married her.” – My Dad

  2. “The best thing for your blog is to go to sleep and write your content when you’re awake.” – Me

  3. When there is someone really duplicate you, act like you, think like you, and say like you without you teaching him and telling him to do so, it shows you are the great leader forever. – just me

  4. It’s okay not to do it all – but it isn’t okay to not try your absolute best.

  5. As much as we live life, life also lives us.

    Embrace everything and let the universe flow through you.

    All you are, have, or will ever be are the chances you take. x

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