There’s an epidemic out there.  It’s been infecting people ever since we could remember.  This disease has traveled virally taking the lives of almost everyone we know.  That disease is stupid information.  Stupid information has been breeding more and more idiots since the beginning of time.  People who should never give advice just can’t go away, and more and more people are now not living up to their potential because of it.  We live in the world of The Way of The Superior Man and The Power of Now, brand names choosing our leaders, and people who can’t think for themselves.  When did we need a rule book to know what we should want?  Most people have fallen victim to the thought that their lives have to exemplify a certain order, so they follow others living in other people’s silhouettes and never living their own lives.  They end up living lives they hate only to find their dreams and aspirations quieted.  Success isn’t how much money you get or how many pull ups you could do.  Life isn’t a popularity contest and being cool is overrated.  People deserve to be happy, and happiness is not found through recruiting others to worship you.  Happiness is found through living the life that you want to live, not anyone else’s.  It’s found through trial and error, hope, failure, and overcoming obstacles.  Happiness is being the person you’ve always wanted to be but never could because everyone else in the world told you not to.

Your life deserves you.

With this blog I want to help people understand that they could take control of their life and find out that everything they’ve ever wanted could be possible.  It’s about breaking away from the ignorant ways of humanity and finding out how something works the right way, which is by throwing yourself at it.  This blog is about being able to finally think for yourself, however unconventional, nontraditional, and unconditional your thoughts might be.

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  1. “Most people have fallen victim to the thought that their lives have to exemplify a certain order, so they follow others living in other people’s silhouettes and never living their own lives.”

    Fucking A.

    People need to belong – that’s what i’m discovering.

    Some people consciously realise that, and they make a deliberate effort to decide exactly what it is they’ll belong to and what they’ll stand for. And in doing so, they meet an old friend: themselves.

    Other people don’t recognise this need to belong, and are happy to react to life, flying from outrage to outrage, wondering why they can’t find happiness.

    I saw an interesting idea the other day, and it is this: that where energy flows, order follows. The idea being that energy has it’s own inbuilt capacity for organisation. Think rivers and the way the determine their course.

    And in that sense then, when we direct the energy of our own attention – and intention – towards our inner selves, we find clarity, order and sense. And until we have that in ourselves, we’ll never be able to make it in the world we’re building.

    I’m really looking forward to more of this Jonathan:-) It’s nice to meet a fellow “new romantic” as I call people like us. We romanticise the higher, purer aspects of human nature, and in doing so, make room for them to grow.

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